One of the biggest obstacles for coaches is creating a lucrative funnel of products.

In fact, this is often one of the main things that hold them back from launching their business.

I am sure you have heard that content is king. From web content to opt-in gifts to content upgrades to email engagement to paid offers – you need content that excites, engages and produces results.

However the thought of creating that much content is enough to make you want to give up and accept the fact that you will be stuck in your 9 to 5 forever.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way…don’t give up!

I have put together several packages that provide you with all of the content you need to not only create a coaching program but develop a funnel from the free gift to paid programs and everything in between.

All of the products in these packages can be purchased separately throughout the site. Although they are all priced very reasonably it is much more cost effective to purchase the complete bundle. However, that certainly isn’t necessary if all you want or need is a free report or diet plan. You can easily purchase those separately.

But if you need web content, free gifts, and a signature system, you need to check out these products.

These complete bundles will save you tons of time and money – the best part is you can easily tweak them to your business and audience and use them as the foundation of your signature system.

Natural Liver Detox 10 Day System

large-liver-detox-systemThis comprehensive package includes everything you need to launch your very own cleanse program. To create this yourself will take weeks if not months of research and writing. If you outsource it, it will cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Simplify your life and your business and invest in this premium program for less than a night out on the the town!

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End Emotional Eating Complete Coaching System

We are a culture that loves food and there is nothing wrong with that. Food should be enjoyed and celebrated. However, when food becomes a method of coping, it’s a problem.

This comprehensive system looks at this problem from a holistic perspective and teaches people how to empower themselves by taking control of their emotions and life using proven tools and techniques.

Emotional Eating may start out as an “effective” way to deal with unpleasant feelings however over time, it leads to severe physical and emotional consequences that have a direct impact on your quality of life.

The shame, guilt, anger, desperation and self-loathing are typical emotions that accompany this problem. The physical problems include weight gain, GI problems, bloating, fatigue, high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol to name a few.

What makes emotional eating so complex is that it impacts all aspects of a person’s life so there is no “one-way” approach to healing. You MUST create a program that targets both the emotional and physical aspects of this problem in order for true healing to occur.

This complete system solves that problem!

It provides everything you need to deliver a highly effective program that will deliver results for your clients.

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Blast Belly Fat 21-Day Weight Loss System

large-belly-fat-systemThis complete weight loss system system tackles a major problem that millions of people are struggling with – belly fat. This program has been designed to help people lose the stubborn and very dangerous visceral fat that surrounds their mid-section.

Did you know that belly (visceral) fat is so dangerous it is actually considered an organ?!

Although most people want to lose belly fat for vanity reasons, this package takes it to a new level by educating them on the life threatening dangers of excessive visceral fat.

This type of fat impacts all of the major bodily systems and most people don’t realize how many health problems can be alleviated by losing stubborn belly fat. This package provides every tool they need to make a drastic change in their body and life!

This is information that people want and the numbers prove it…

Just 10 Belly Fat related keywords bring in over 600,000 searches a month!

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Intermittent Fasting Made Easy: The 4-Week Plan To End Chronic Dieting

large-int-fasting-systemChronic dieting wreaks havoc on your body and therefore a long-term, sustainable solution needs to be offered to people that will help them safely lose weight and keep it off. This new product provides a weight loss solution that will end chronic dieting and it is so popular that it generates an average of…

1 million to 10 million searches per month for all keyword ideas!

People are actively searching for a solution to weight loss that isn’t a “diet” and won’t disrupt their lifestyle and Intermittent Fasting meets those requirements!

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The Natural Thyroid Solution 30 Day System

natural-thyroid-systemThis complete natural healing system system tackles a major problem that millions of people are struggling with – HYPOTHYROIDISM.

This program has been designed to take a holistic approach to helping people heal their thyroid and reduce or eliminate the many debilitating symptoms that a sluggish thyroid causes.

Did you know that an estimated 20 million Americans have some type of thyroid problem and 60 percent of them don’t even realize it.

Thyroid conditions impact all aspects of health and if left untreated, can lead to serious emotional and physical consequences.

This comprehensive PLR system exposes this life altering illness and teaches people how to empower themselves by taking a natural approach to healing their thyroid. But it doesn’t stop there…it offers the holistic solutions that have been proven to help heal the thyroid…and you can get it for an insanely low price!

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30-Day Anti-Aging Smoothie Challenge

Did you know that a survey done on women between the ages of 21-65 found that 60 percent said they would rather have a younger looking face than a younger looking body?

The beauty industry is a trillion dollar market for a reason – people, especially women , are obsessed with looking younger.  Just look at the price tags of some beauty products – people will pay several hundred dollars for a cream that promises diminished lines and wrinkles. Others have no problem mortgaging their home for plastic surgery procedures that promise them the fountain of youth.

What if that wasn’t necessary…what if there was a better, healthier and more effective way to look and feel younger?

Proper nutrition is the key to healthy, young and glowing skin. Just starting with something simple like drinking one smoothie per day designed with potent anti-aging ingredients is all you need to take years off of your appearance.

Now you can help solve this problem for your audience by offering them a fun and exciting 30 Day Anti-Aging Smoothie Challenge! This package includes a done-for-you 30 Day Challenge plus all of the extras you need for a well rounded offering that will deliver results for your audience and boost your business.

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