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my-pc-revised-2-2Hi there! Welcome to Get Wellness Clients!

I am so happy you are here and would love the opportunity to learn more about you and your business! Feel free to contact me anytime with questions – I am happy to help!

In fact, I leave a few openings in my schedule every week for 15-minute connection calls so I can get to know my visitors and what they need to succeed 🙂

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To make things easy for you, I wrote an abbreviated version of who I am and why you should care and later, I go into a bit more detail for those who like the long story. So if you are just interested in the basics here it is…

I am a licensed clinical social worker, adjunct professor, life coach, health coach, speaker and two-time award winning author. I have experienced tons of failures that I am very grateful for because they are solely responsible for the many successes I have realized.

The statistics show that 95% of people who try to build their online business will never make a dime. Well, I have defied that odd because in my first few months of coaching I sold several mid-ticket coaching programs ($497) and received great feedback on the content and results. I have successfully published kindle books in various niches and I recently had several product launches that were very successful.

Most recently, I decided to test the waters with creating content and licensing it to other wellness professionals. Without a list or any connections, my first big product launch did just under $5,000 in sales in 7 days; my second one did $7,000 sales in 7 days and my third was a very small launch that did about $800 in sales in 4 days. On two of the launches I hit the Top 10 Sellers List landing the number 6 spot on one and the number 3 spot on the other.

I think that is pretty extraordinary given I jumped into this venture with none of the resources people say you need – a list and JV partners.

Why did this work? Because I was willing to take a risk, reach out to a few strangers and stretch myself – a lot!

If I can do this, so can you and that is why I launched this business – to give you the confidence to put yourself out there and create your dream career.

Content creation isn’t easy – there are many moving parts and I have taken away all of the guesswork.

I am creating the content that I needed when I first started out in my coaching business. If I had access to the resources I am sharing with you it would have cut my learning curve in half and eliminated tons of struggle and overwhelm.

I create the content you need to launch income streams that will help you realize your dreams.

portrait of confident group business people

What sets me apart from the competition?

Honestly, I am not one to compare myself to others in fact I rarely follow the advice of others who suggest you spy on your competition to see what they are doing.

I prefer to focus on what matters – I do the research to find the trends, keywords and issues that people are searching for.  At the end of the day – that is all that matters.

If you can’t solve someone’s problem and take away their pain, they won’t hire you – it’s plain and simple.

I use my knowledge and experience of many years working in the field of mental health and addiction along with my training as a life and health coach to create the products, programs and information that will actually help others solve their problems.

I then license this content to you so you can brand it as your own and work your magic without the stress and agony that can accompany product and content creation.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I have really grown to love product creation and I have been told I am pretty good at it! In fact, I have people emailing me all of the time waiting anxiously for my product launches!

Diverse group of people standing in row and showing thumbs up. Isolated on white

Here are some comments from my customers…

“I’ll be sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for your new package(I can’t imagine how
much work that must be). But, seriously, I can’t wait!”

“As a fellow health coach, I want to tell you this detox package looks amazing! Happy to have bought it.”

“So I read through the entire Belly Fat package and my first impression is WOW!!! You are one of a very few people who have put together a true quality PLR package that’s written professionally. I will be purchasing your OTOs in the future too.”

“Hi Michelle, sorry to bother you again, but I was just wondering how your new plr was coming along? Just super excited to check it out!”

The best part is, I won’t just sell you content and then expect you to know what to do with it. I will be offering trainings and resources to help you figure out what you really want and why (if you skip this step you will always be spinning your wheels), learn how to find your niche, identify your ideal client, customize your content, brand it, package it, market and sell it online and offline.

I have a very special place in my heart for newbies who feel lost in this big world of coaching and marketing because that is exactly how I felt when I first started out (and still do sometimes!). I love working with new coaches who are motivated, enthusiastic and are willing to stretch themselves.

However more experienced coaches have found some golden nuggets in my work so I welcome everyone to my site!

I am here to help you succeed by eliminating some of the distressing learning curves that comes with starting a business. You need to learn to work smarter not harder.

Using licensed content, like I have on my site, is all about working smarter so you can start to reap the rewards that a lucrative coaching practice will bring you.

As a welcome gift to my community, please download your FREE Done-For-You 3-Day Cleanse Program that you can start using today to attract your ideal client.

Be sure to stay subscribed to my list because you don’t want to miss my big launches where I deeply discount my packages to prices that will blow your mind!

Now, for those of you who want to know a bit more about my backstory…here it is (most of it anyway!)

I have always had a passion for helping others – I can’t remember a time in my life when I wasn’t focused on how I can help someone.  So it is no surprise that I gravitated toward a career in the helping profession.

I was so excited about the possibilities of a gratifying, rewarding and lucrative career as a psychotherapist.

I took every psychology course possible in college and just soaked in the information like a sponge. I had big plans…very big plans and they started with getting my doctorate.

After graduating college I enrolled in a pre-doctoral Master’s degree program. I loved it and continued to soak up all of the exciting theories and explanations of why we do what we do.

However, reality eventually set in and I realized that another four to five years in graduate school wasn’t feasible – I needed to work full-time but couldn’t do that and earn a doctorate at the same time (this was pre-online education programs!)

One of my dearest friends and mentors had her master’s degree in social work and had a thriving practice and was doing almost all of the things that I thought I wanted to do.

So I decided to change my plans and get my master’s in clinical social work. I completed my master’s in psychology and the next semester I started my journey in clinical social work at Columbia University.

Again, I loved the learning experience and was so looking forward to a long and rewarding career.

I was so excited that I actually took my state licensing exam during my last semester in school – I wanted to be ready to work as a licensed professional as soon as I graduated.

I did very well during my second year internship and the hospital ended up offering me a job on their inpatient secure psychiatric unit.

I was excited for the opportunity and looked forward to the interview with my soon to be supervisor.

That’s when reality started to settle in fast…very fast.

“Michelle, we really like you and want to hire you. This will be an excellent learning experience for you in many ways….however, we can only pay you $30,000 per year and you will never see me. I will be your supervisor in absentia. You will need to learn as you go along and your co-workers will help you out.”

Hmmm…not exactly the dream job or lucrative career I thought I was stepping into.

But, I knew there was a lot I still needed to learn and felt I could grow professionally so I took the job. I figured, “how bad could it be…I’m still helping people…right?”

I’ll never forget how I left the hospital that very first day on the job and thought, this is it?

This is what I just spent four years of college and four years of graduate school studying for??

I felt like every dream and aspiration I had were crushed. And then when I received my first paycheck, I called the HR department and questioned the amount…there has to be a mistake, I muttered.

No, she said, there was no mistake. That was it.

I knew right then that although I still had aspirations to help others and do something big…this field wasn’t it.

However, I spent the next 15 years trying to find my way while working multiple jobs at once to get by.

I knew things had to change because I felt so unfulfilled professionally that it was really draining me – emotionally and physically. When you spend 40 plus hours a week doing something that doesn’t speak to your soul, it hurts…a lot.

After tons of soul searching, I was led to getting my life coach certification and this eventually led me to enrolling in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition for a heath coach training program.

(**I am an ambassador to IIN so if you would like to learn more about the program and how it could change your life, feel free to contact me and we can schedule a call! You can get the curriculum guide here or a sample class here – check them out!)

My one year in this program opened me up to a world that I never knew existed – it was exciting and even a bit overwhelming.

I felt like I was finally on my way to finding my purpose and living the life of freedom, flexibility and financial independence that I craved.

The one thing I could never stand is the inflexible 9 to 5, average job and average work day. It doesn’t sit well with me.

I don’t want average, I want extraordinary.

I like to do what I want, when I want and I really don’t like answering to people (that’s probably why I’m not married!). It’s just how I am and I needed to finally own that.

The possibility of having my own business and doing work I love – you know, the work that never feels like work because it just gels with who you are – really spoke to me.

The IIN program was truly the beginning of an amazing journey to this new life I knew was waiting for me.

But that journey wasn’t always easy and one of the biggest reasons I struggled is because I knew nothing about product creation, blogging, keyword research, content creation, websites, sales copy, marketing…basically everything you need to know to start and run a business…I knew nothing.

In fact, I didn’t even know what a domain name was!

The first couple of calls I had with my IIN coach included discussions on business building and she kept talking about getting a domain name.

I was kind of embarrassed that I didn’t know what she was talking about so I just sort of agreed with her and moved the conversation along.

Finally, during our third session the domain conversation came up and I finally asked, “So, what is this domain name you speak of??…what exactly do you mean by domain name?”

Well, I knew that websites had names/web addresses, I just didn’t know that is what they were called!

But the good news is, I have a come a long way and have become pretty savvy when it comes to this online business thing! In fact, I built this website 100% by myself – now, it may not be the fanciest site but it’s all me!

My point is I knew nothing, so starting a business wasn’t going to be the walk in the park I had hoped it would be but with a lot of determination and persistence I learned – but usually the hard way.

My first year in business was really a struggle. Even though I figured out the niche and client I wanted to target, I just didn’t know how to serve them.

I couldn’t think of article/email/blog topics, and I didn’t know how to create products or coaching programs. Even when I did have some ideas, I just didn’t know to develop them into programs and products that conveyed the information people wanted.

It was very frustrating and really held me back.

Then one day I found someone who was selling a done-for-you cleanse program. I thought I had found the Holy Grail! I had no idea anything like this existed – someone selling a product that I could brand and use for own clients!?

Who knew?!

The problem was that this program came with a hefty price tag – $800.

Of course, I bought it and it helped to jump start my business.

Frustated businesswomanHowever, I still had the issue of needing more content and continued to feel stuck.

A couple of years later I discovered the world of Private Label Rights content. I had no idea that there were people out there selling the very content I needed to help create emails, articles, reports, E-Books – there was finally a light at the end of the tunnel.

While none of them were selling actual coaching programs, they were selling the basic content needed for engagement and to provide value to clients, customers and visitors.

Using private label rights content (PLR), the right way, can catapult your business and save you years of struggle and frustration trying to do everything yourself.

I say the right way because it isn’t meant to take as is and publish to your website or sell to your customers – a lot of people will tell you that it’s fine to do that. I don’t agree with that and am not a fan of that method. There may be a time and place to do this but it should never be the norm.

It has to be tweaked and branded to your audience. This is an involved process but it is a lot easier and cheaper to do this than to do all of the brainstorming, research, writing, outsourcing and organizing yourself.

Using done-for-you content will save you time, money, effort and ultimately your sanity!

To help you along, I will also be teaching you how to tweak and brand the material through various trainings, workshops, and presentations.

Over the past several years I have invested time, money and effort into gaining the skills, knowledge and resources to help coaches who are struggling just like I was build their business with ease through the use of licensed content that potential clients are actually searching for.

I have launched my business, Get Wellness Clients to help you cut through the frustration and confusion of building a business and I do it at very affordable prices.

I truly believe that if I had known about PLR content from the beginning my experience would have been very different – definitely less of a struggle.

That is what I want for you. While it is important to feel the growing pains of starting something new because that’s how we learn and grow, it shouldn’t be something that causes constant distress and struggle.

An african businesswoman looking at road sign dead end symbolizing business obstacle. Woman facing with business obstacle. Business obstacle concept. Vector flat design illustration. Square layout.

That’s why a lot of coaches don’t make it – they quit because the hurdles are just too much to endure.

I don’t want that for you. I know you are here because you have a passion just like me – you want to help others while making a lucrative career for yourself. You deserve this and your future tribe deserves to have your knowledge and skills to help them grow and thrive.

I would be honored to share my knowledge with you to help cut down your learning curve because the faster you get your gifts out there, the faster you will help to…

Change The World While Living Your Dream!



Feel free to contact me anytime with any questions or suggestions for content and trainings. I would love to hear from you!  info@getwellnessclients.com

Also be sure to check out my FAQ page for additional information.

All my best,


P.S. Don’t forget to schedule your 15-minute connection call if you would like to chat about your business and goals! Also, I have found that many of my visitors, clients and customers are struggling in their business due to what is going on behind the scenes – meaning their own limiting beliefs and abundance blocks. I know how damaging this can be because I have struggled with the same issues and I am fully addicted devoted to my own personal development.

My sister site to Get Wellness Clients is completely devoted to helping women become financially independent by eliminating the limiting beliefs and money blocks that prevent them from fully realizing their dreams. Check it out here – there is some great content and resources that will help you and I am always adding more! You will also learn more about my faith and belief in a higher power and how tuning into the power of the Universe can and will change your life!