30 Day Anti-Aging Smoothie Challenge

30 Day Anti-Aging Smoothie Challenge Mega Pack


Did you know that a survey done on women between the ages of 21-65 found that 60 percent said they would rather have a younger looking face than a younger looking body?

The beauty industry is a trillion dollar market for a reason – people, especially women , are obsessed with looking younger.  Just look at the price tags of some beauty products – people will pay several hundred dollars for a cream that promises diminished lines and wrinkles. Others have no problem mortgaging their home for plastic surgery procedures that promise them the fountain of youth.

What if that wasn’t necessary…what if there was a better, healthier and more effective way to look and feel younger?

Proper nutrition is the key to healthy, young and glowing skin. Just starting with something simple like drinking one smoothie per day designed with potent anti-aging ingredients is all you need to take years off of your appearance.

Now you can help solve this problem for your audience by offering them a fun and exciting 30 Day Anti-Aging Smoothie Challenge!

This package includes a done-for-you 30 Day Challenge plus all of the extras you need for a well rounded offering that will deliver results for your audience and boost your business.

Here is what you will get:

Recipes: 30 Anti-aging smoothie recipes: 7 Green Smoothies; 7 Red Smoothies; 7 Purple Smoothies; 7 Orange/Yellow Smoothies; 2 smoothie super tonics   3113 words

30 Emails: one email for each smoothie describing the benefits of the smoothie and how it will help achieve a youthful glow.  Plus Welcome Email Approx. 11,161 words

(Note: this is designed so that you post the recipe to your blog and then send the email with a link to the recipe so that you drive traffic to your site but you can set it up anyway you want)

Report: How to look 10 years younger in 30 days (the anti-aging challenge is an excellent content upgrade – there is a call to action in the report);  2930 words, 8 pages

Short Report: The benefits of doing an anti-aging massage 1100 words, 3 pages

Quick Tips Report: Simple things you can do every day to prevent aging  1152 words, 3 pages

Product Reviews: 4 Anti-aging product reviews  – approx:  1400 words

Product Reviews: 7 Smoothie Challenge Blender Product Reviews approx. 2450 words

Beauty Recipes: 7 Homemade beauty recipes (mask, creams, exfoliator, etc)  1147 words

Tweets: 25 anti-aging tweets 532 words

Launch a program that will change people’s lives!

Your challenge will encourage a new daily habit that will have a profound impact on their health. Not only will your audience look their best they will also feel their best. The powerful nutrition packed into these smoothies can produce life changing health benefits both inside and out.

You can this fun and life changing program for the ridiculous price of just $47



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