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I created this site to help health and wellness coaches build the practice of their dreams by providing them with one of the most challenging and time consuming aspects of business building: Product Creation.

I create the premium products and programs you need to launch successful coaching programs and funnels that will help you build a lifestyle business that will provide you with what you crave:  a life of freedom, flexibility and financial independence.

And I do this at rock bottom prices without compromising quality.

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Get Your FREE 3-Day Detox Program
Call this program your own and start profiting from it today!
We respect your privacy.

Whether you are a new health coach just starting out or a seasoned veteran who needs to offer fresh content to their clients, this offer is for you!

This is a premium offer that you will NOT find anywhere else.

This is not a bunch of tired articles re-purposed as a giveaway. This is fresh content created to help you succeed in your health coaching business.

To outsource this yourself to a professional health writer would easily cost you several hundred dollars. To write it yourself will cost you countless hours of research and writing – time that would be better spent spent working with your clients so you grow your business.

You will receive a complete done-for-you 3-Day Whole Food Detox/Cleanse that is designed as a short-term introductory program so it is very versatile.

It can be used to jump start a new business, revive an existing one or just create a new line of business.

The uses are endless…get creative, brand it to your audience and grow your business!

You will receive:

  • 3 Day Program: 3-Day Whole Food Nutritional Cleanse 28 pages, 5495 words, 12 detox recipes, meal plan (Value: $300)
  • E-Course: 5 Day Detox E-Course/Auto-Responder Series, total word count = 3055 (Value: $100)
  • Fillable PDF: Beautifully Designed 3 Day Detox Check-in fillable PDF (Value: $25)
  • Social Media: 25 Tweets For Social Media Engagement, 465 words (Value $25)

Suggested Uses:

  • Lead Magnet/List Building Gift
  • Content Upgrade
  • Fast Action Bonus
  • Upsell to Another Program
  • Social Media Engagement/Create a “Weekend Cleanse” Facebook Group
  • Short-term, Introductory Program
Get Your FREE 3-Day Detox Program
Call this program your own and start profiting from it today!
We respect your privacy.
*Note: E-book covers and images are not included due to potential copyright issues. For the best results, please brand this to your audience – this includes images and e-book covers.